Radius Windshields

Replacement Fur Wind Covers for Rycote Baby Ballgag Windshields

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The Radius windcovers are made from our high-quality longer-haired synthetic acoustic fur and come with a smooth internal lining and draw string. The windcovers come in a range of standard sizes to specifically fit a variety of brands' windshield blimps as replacement windcovers. We are happy to take requests for different kinds of custom windcovers using different materials, in different colors and with unbranded / your branded labels. Minimum order quantities for customer orders, certain materials and sizes may be applicable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a Shock Mount?

In short, Yes! To achieve flawless audio, shock mounts are used to suspend the microphone, essentially allowing it to float, taking away any risk of handling noise.

Can I use the RAD Shock Mount with a Sanken Cs3e?

Yes, We would suggest using the RAD-2.

Will you be releasing a windshield?

Yes! We will be launching a new windshield/blimp systems in Summer 2024.

Which Nimbus fits my DPA 2017

We would suggest the 12cm Nimbus 19/22