Our Story

Sound Beginnings

Our founder Simon Davies began learning about sound recording and windshielding when he was 14 years old, as his mum Vivienne was one of Rycote Windshields' first employees. Vivienne went on to take full ownership of Rycote from John Gozzard in 1994 and expanded their small family business.

After training as a location sound recordists at BBC Wood Norton, Simon joined full-time in 1997. Simon originally started as a production engineer, then became technical director and eventually took over full ownership and management of Rycote with his wife Odette (who just also happened to run all manufacturing operations and logistics) until they sold the business in 2018.

We make more than products

We Make Customers for Life

We don't believe in treating our customers like sales numbers. We're not in the business of building our partnerships on the basis of financial quarters and fiscal years.

Our aim is to create a business that has an unlimited lifespan and pass on our sound knowledge to the next generation.

As such, we promise to treat every customer, employee, reseller, distributor, supplier and all of our partners with the support, respect and belief that our relationships will last a lifetime.

Our Leadership Team

  • Simon Davies

    Managing Director & Technical Director

  • Odette Davies

    Operations Director

  • John House

    Head of Global Market Development

  • Megan Davies

    Product Marketing Director & Sewn Products Manager

  • Tyler Stevens

    Operations Manager

  • Kim Watkins

    Sewing Hub Machinist & Nimbus Expert

  • Donna Viette

    Sewing Hub Machinist & Pattern Designer

  • Ryan Davies

    Digital Marketing

  • Molly Davies

    Marketing Manager