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How To Use Lav Urchins

  • Step 1

    Locate the Blue Safety Strap.

  • Step 2

    Push the Lavalier mic slightly into the loop.

  • Step 3

    Push directly down into the lav windcover hole.

  • Step 4

    Secure into place. Now you're ready to go!

How To Select The Right Lav Windcover For You

We have made it as easy as possible to help you select the perfect Lav Wind Cover for your Lavalier Microphone.

The Urchin lavs come in a range of styles and sizes to help elevate your wind protection.

First, are you looking for a smaller option? Or something that will give you the best performance possible in high winds. We suggest starting with our microphone compatibility list to help guide you in finding what is most suitable for your microphone.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Urchin Lavalier Windshields

Do you sell a Lav large enough for the DPA 4060?

Yes, We do! We now have the Large Hole Urchin Lav Windshield available. This works perfectly with larger microphones like the DPA 4060, Deity W.Lav, Countryman B3 & Voice Technologies VT506 Series.

How do I use the Blue Strap for the Radius Lav Urchins?

Step 1: Locate the Blue Safety Strap

Step 2: Gently slip the lavalier Mic into the loop.

Step 3. Push directly down into the Lav hole, then secure in place.

The Blue Safety strap has been designed to securely hold your microphone in place, taking away the risk of it slipping off. Every Lav Urchin has been tested on a suitable lavalier microphone to reassure that the fit is perfect and won't fall off.

Can I fit a foam into the Lav Urchin Windshields?

With the standard Lav Urchins & Mini Lav Urchin, unfortunately you can not.

However, we have 2 other options:

No.1: The Large Hole Urchin Lav Windshield will comfortably fit in a lavalier foam for the smaller range of microphones.

No.2: We have designed a Lav windshield that has a foam fully incorporated inside. This takes away any struggle of taking the foam in-and-out of the lavalier windcover. The Puffer Urchin Lav Windshield gives you additional wind protection, whilst also using a small profile wind cover.