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Pair of RAD-1 Hoops, Soft Firmness (Light Blue)

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Pair of RAD-1 Hoops in soft firmness (light blue). These hoops provide a softer suspension for small and lightweight condenser microphones than the standard firmness hoops (black). The RAD-1 hoops are best used indoors when with the mic by itself or mic with foam. These hoops will fit in all RAD shock mount top brackets. This product consists of isolation hoops and screws only - does not come fitted with mic clips.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a Shock Mount?

In short, Yes! To achieve flawless audio, shock mounts are used to suspend the microphone, essentially allowing it to float, taking away any risk of handling noise.

Can I use the RAD Shock Mount with a Sanken Cs3e?

Yes, We would suggest using the RAD-2.

Will you be releasing a windshield?

Yes! We will be launching a new windshield/blimp systems in Summer 2024.

Which Nimbus fits my DPA 2017

We would suggest the 12cm Nimbus 19/22