Phil Pike Interview on RAD 1 & 2 Shock Mounts

Phil Pike Interview on RAD 1 & 2 Shock Mounts
Phil Pike, one of our first RAD mount beta testers, has spent the last few months thoroughly testing out the RAD-1 & RAD-2. With the help from Adam Dawson, (Barrow Boy Productions), Phil has created a fantastic review - giving clear details on how he sets up his RAD-1 & 2 with the Sennheiser MKH 8060 & Sennheiser MKH 8050. He demonstrates the mounts in action and also carefully explains the difference between each of the hoops. Check out his review over on Youtube (see below). 

As a valued beta tester and customer, we love getting to hear a bit more about the back stories and journeys to becoming a sound recordists. We got the opportunity to ask Phil a few questions on his experience so far! 

Name: Phil Pike

Location: North Wales


How did your sound recording journey begin?

With a misunderstanding! I’ve always been interested in sound, and have been a musician since I was young. After finishing my performance degree, I was working in recording classical music on location, and I received a phone call. My Facebook bio must have said something like Classical Music Location Recording, and the person who phoned me must have done a quick Google for “location recording” and found me and my phone number. I took the gig (which involved going up Snowdon with a bag and a boom) and I’ve been working in Location Sound ever since!


What do you specialise in?

I work in all sorts of genres, but mostly narrative and corporate work these days. My first gig was in documentary, and I do the odd bit of doco every now and then, but I really like the workflow of scripted production. I particularly enjoy mixing, as I feel like I can really concentrate on the sound we’re getting without having to dance around C-stands! 


What mics do you use?

I’m a big fan of Sennheiser’s 8000 series mics - I find that they really let the sound breathe. They’re not quite as natural as Schoeps, but they give voices a lovely presence. There’s a place for every mic in specific situations of course, so I don’t like to rule anything out; I’ve been very happy with mics from Sanken and DPA as well, but they’re not in my mic drawer - yet!


What’s your preferred set-up with the RAD Mounts?

I must confess that I use the RAD-2 on both indoor and outdoor mics - I like how even though they grip the mic quite firmly, the fact that they’re underslung and not the typical lyre shape means that they really don’t transfer much handling noise at all.


What are 3 things you can’t be without on set?

  1. Coffee!

  2. Sadly, as is becoming increasingly common, I’d have to say my phone; loads of sound kit is manipulated with apps these days. Everything from my mixer, wireless packs, timecode, even my video feed sometimes - it all comes through my phone! I don’t really like having my phone on set if I can avoid it, but it’s a necessity these days.

  3. Finally, I think it’d have to be a chair. When we’re holding a pole with a kilo of mic and transmitter and shockmount on the end of a four-metre (or longer!) pole all day, sometimes with a heavy mixer bag too, we really need to look after ourselves. I bring a little collapsible stool on to all my shoots, as there’s nothing worse than not having somewhere to perch for a few minutes in between takes. It’s cheaper than a visit to an osteopath!

    Check out more from Phil over on his Instagram. 
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